About Us

Just A Little Magic Princess Events was founded on an idea of creating unforgettable, affordable party character experiences. Our performers arrive in high quality costumes and makeup, and are well-trained to interact with your guests immersed in their character’s personality.

We are passionate about providing more than just character portrayals. We want to give your guests an engaging experience that will stick with them for years to come, so many of our party packages include activities, games, special gifts, and extras to curate an even more personalized event experience at any budget.

About Our Staff

Every member of our team is a local Cosplayer, which means making people smile through character portrayals is a major part of who we are and what fulfills us. Many of us create some of our own costumes and characters. The dedication we have for looking, sounding, and acting like our characters makes all the difference to our clients and their guests. You can tell we love what we do, and that’s the key to the “magic” at Just a Little Magic.

Meet the Team

Character portrayals are based on staff availability, but if you have a special request for which team member you'd like to be a part of your special day, please let us know and we will do our best to make it happen!

Interested in This Package?

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